Garage Door Repair Fort Worth f.a.q

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How can I avoid garage door accidents?

Machines are definitely unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean they collapse easily. On the contrary, it is a rare phenomenon, which occurred mostly in past ages. Nowadays, garage door systems are much more durable, safer and some peculiar and extreme situations have been taken into consideration by experts and that’s why so many trials are taking place before manufacturers let us buy a new garage door. Of course, the best system will eventually fail your expectations and may become dangerous without proper garage door repair.

How can I protect my children from the garage door?

Children are curious, especially if you forbid them to do stuff, but they are much cleverer than you think. Instead of forbidding them to touch the remote controls, you should explain them why garage doors are not toys and how much they can get hurt by the mechanism. Of course, children cannot help but being children and you should hide the multicode remote and make sure the sensors are in perfect condition just to be on the safe side.

Are all openers noisy?

No, there are not. Most people are familiar with the chain drive opener, which is loud, but the screw drive motor is quieter and the belt drive opener is completely silent. Experts at Garage Door Repair Fort Worth say that new openers are less noisy than older ones.

Why do I need to press the wall button just to make the opener close by itself?

In these situations, as observed by the people at Garage Door Repair Fort Worth, it is often caused by malfunctioning, misaligned as well as blocked photo cell safety beams. Make sure to check what happened that hindered the progress from happening and advise with professionals if necessary.